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                    What is Li-ESWT Technology

                    High-energy shock-wave therapy was introduced for medical use 30 years ago for ureteral stones. This technology breakthrough has revolutionized the treatment of urolithiasis. Now entensive research found low-energy Shock waves(SWs) has a more ‘regenerative-use’compare to the ‘destoryer-use’of high-energy SWs. Low intensity extracorporeal shock wave therapy (Li-ESWT) has been developed as a treatment to various of diseases such as ED、chronic kidney diseases and coronary artery diseases.

                    Mechanism behind Li-ESWT

                    By delivering painless shock-waves to the ischemic tissue. It can enchance the expression of vascular endothelial growth factor(VEGF) and its receptor Flt-1, and could induce neovascularization and improve overally hemodynamic within the ischemic tissues.

                    Li-ESWT Solution

                    cover as much as possible

                    Tradition Focal point technology Focus on one point, very hard to cover the whole penile area

                    First-generation Linear technologyFocal length around 1-2 cm, hard to cover the whole penile area

                    Second-generation Linear technology Focal length around 7-10cm, easy to cover the whole penile area.

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                    Uterine fibroids
                    Uterine adenomyosis


                    liver cancer,
                    pancreatic cancer,
                    kidney cancer,
                    and bladder cancer
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                    About Us

                    Shanghai Xindi (Suntec) Industry Company used to be a subsidiary of Shanghai Jiaotao University which conducts research and development in state of art HIFU and Shockwave technology for over 20 years. Shanghai Xindi Industry is a pinoeer in high intensity focused ultrasound technology which developes non-invasive therapeutic solutions in Gynecology, Oncology and Urology. HIFU-2001 has been used in over 300 hospitals all over the world and treat over 300,000 patients.

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